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Friends and Family
Caroline (Chip's girlfriend) holding baby Taylor (she is so cute!!!), Chip,
Drew, my Mom, my Dad, me and Bobby
Christmas 2002

Matt, Karen and baby Taylor.  I love her.  She is
oh so cute.
November 2002

Chip, Drew, Bobby  and my Maddie catty!  
Love you my Cat!  Miss You!
Christmas 2002

Me with the boys in Ocean City
Front: (L to R) Drew, Bryan, Chip, and Brett
Back: (L to R) Bobby, Brock and Me
Summer 1986

Me and Daniel at Bobby and Judy's Christmas party.
Christmas 2002

Me (on the right) and my cousin Daniel (on the left) at my house.
Daniel do you believe they got us matching outfits?
Christmas 1978

The Timm Family at Ryan Timm's Graduation from JMU!
Good Luck Ryan!
Spring 2002

Me, Daniel and Heather at Uncle John's before a night out on
Miami Beach - Spring 1999

Maddie and me at Aunt Sue's Christmas
party December 2000

Me and my cousins Daniel and Amy
Miami Beach - Spring 2000

Me and Daniel at Margaret's Christmas party.
Christmas 1999

My family at my brother Drew's graduation from Loudoun
County High School.
June 2002

(L to R) : Chip, Bobby, Me, Drew, my Mom and my Dad at Drew's Graduation.
June 2002

My Mom and brother Bobby
on his graduation day!
May 2000

My brother Bobby, my cousin Bryan, my grandfather
and my brother Chip in Las Vegas
July 2001

Gran and Uncle Dave at Matt and Karen's wedding.
June 2002

Troy, Sally Ann and the boys Bradley, Graham and Brice at
Matt and Karen's wedding.  I am so glad that you guys could come.
June 2002

My Mom and Bun's Baby (Bryan) at Bryan's graduation
from Herndon High School where my mother teaches.
June 2002

Maddie, Grandmother, Mark, Austin and Gran.  At Mark
and Meg's house in Boca.  Aren't they so cute.
January 2002

Brooke, Brock and Maddie at Matt and Karen's wedding.
Maddie you are a trip!
June 2002

Happy 60th Aunt Sue!  You look great!
Sue at Huge Organs!
February 2002

The limo on the way to HUGH ORGANS for Aunt Sue's 60th!!
Congratulations on the big 60 aunt Sue.
February 2002

My Mom at the top of the Eiffel Tower
May 2000

My Mom in front of the Crepe Nazi.  Have I told you how
much I love these things?
May 2000

My grandmother, my brother Bobby and my
grandfather at my brothers graduation
May 2000

My cousin Maddie trying on my shoes.
I love it!!!! Her father is going to kill me!
June 2002

Mandy and my cousin Amy at
Chaos on Miami Beach
Spring 1999

Austin and me at Aunt Sue's
Christmas party
Christmas 2001

Austin at Nana's Christmas party
Christmas 2001

My cousin Daniel with my cousin Austin - my brother Bobby
and my cousin Maddie are in the background
Christmas 2001

My brother Bobby and my cousin Austin
at Aunt Sue's Christmas party
Christmas 2001

My cousin Bryan, my dad and my brother Drew at my
dad's 50th birthday party
January 2002

My family looks over photos of my fathers childhood at his 50th birthday
January 2002

Grandmother and Gran on the Ocean Princess Cruise
Spring 2002

Grandmother and Gran in Antigua on
the Ocean Princess
Spring 2002

SallyAnn's boys Brice and Graham at Aunt Sue's House
Thanksgiving 2002

Family party at Aunt Sue's house
Thanksgiving 2002

The men of the family
Christmas 2000

Brock and Brooke at their graduation this year from
Radford University
May 2002

Winnie and Drew before Drew's Prom
May 2002

Aunt Sue and Uncle rich in the limo for Sue's 60th Birthday Party
February 2002

SallyAnn's boys Graham, Brice and Bradley in front of their house
Christmas 2001

Austin in the baby carriage at Nana's
house.  How cute is he?
Christmas 2001

Bobby and my Dad in Boca Raton at Mark and Meg's
January 2001

Austin and Nana at Nana's Christmas Party
Christmas 2001

Pop's and Austin fishing in the lake behind Mark and Meg's house
February 2002

Pop's and Austin at the Christmas party
Christmas 2001

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