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My Pictures

Christmas 2000

Me and my lover boy BRIAN!!!!  Love you - Miss you.  
Good Luck to you and Travis at Alaska!!!!!!
January 2003

One more for LUCK!!!!  Me and Brian - I wish we could fly
together FOREVER!!!!
January 2003

Susan and Me at her Bon Voyage party!  Good Luck in Des Moines!
May 2002

Liz, Jen, Wendy and me if front of  Chateau de Ferrieres,
Ferrieres en Brie for a night of dinner and dancing.
May 10th 2000

Heather and Nicolas in front of the
American Cathedral in Paris on
the day of the religious ceremony.
May 10th 2000

Liz, Jen, Heather, Wendy and me before the
wedding reception.
May 10th 2000

The members of the wedding party and both families pose
for a few pictures before dinner.
May 10th 2000

Nicolas and me after the dinner at the wedding.
May 10th 2000


Me at Heather's wedding
prior to the reception.
May 10th 2000

Lisa, me and Sara - for a night out
on the town at FSU - Go NOLES!
Spring 1999

Christmas 2000

Brian Morse and me on the last night
of Flight Attendant training in.
August of 2000

My Puppies - they went to get their
picture taken for Christmas last year!
Christmas 2000

 Me and Heather at her civil
ceremony reception.
May 2000

Me and Alfonso at Frank's Birthday Party.
St. Patrick's Day 2001

Dave, me and Orlando (two of my fellow Flight Attendants) at a club in San Diego.  
We always have lots of fun on our overnights when we fly together.
April 2002

Stacy, Ryan and me at the Pi Kappa Phi house before
the Miami vs. FSU game.
Fall 1995

Forrest and me at the Fontainebleau Hilton Hotel in Miami Beach.
Spring Break 1996

Forrest and me in Tallahassee.
Summer 1997

After a night at Chaos on Miami Beach we stop to pose
for a picture with this guy.  I have no idea who he is?
Spring 1999

Kristin Smith and me take time out of the festivities to pose
with a few of the guys that we meet in Dijon, France.
St. Patrick's Day 1997

Heather and me in front of Sacre Coeur.
Spring 1997

The same day Heather decided that Kristin Smith and I
needed to see the real Paris!  This guy was a FREAK!
Spring 1997

My favorite picture of the Tour Eiffel!  I took
it on my first visit to Paris.
Spring 1997

Heather, Maureen (Kristin's Mom),
Kristin Smith and me stop for
coffee in the Latin Quarter.
Spring 1997

Heather and me stop for a picture on a road trip
to the wine country in south France.
March 1998

Me at the top of the Tour Eiffel.
May 2000

THE BOYS!  Alfonso, Frank, Chad and Jeremy on Frank's Birthday.
St. Patrick's Day 2001

Me and the Boys on Frank's Birthday.
St. Patrick's Day 2001

Chad, Mr. RoccoGrande, Mrs. RoccoGrande, Alfonso, Frank,
Me and Jeremy at Lava Lounge in NYC for Frank's Birthday.
St. Patrick's Day 2001

My favorite place to eat in Paris!  I love Nutella-Banana
Crepes This is the Crepe Nazi - you must place your
order just so or "no crepe for you."
Spring 2000

On my way back to the church before Heather's wedding
I took a ride down the Champs-Elysées.
May 2000

Forrest and me at the beach in Miami
Spring Break 1996

I just love my dogs.  Cody and Lassie sitting on the
front steps of my house.  They are so cute!
Summer 2001

My dog Cody.  He does the cutest things and I
have to take pictures of him!
Fall 2001

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